Case Study


Contura is a medical device company based in the UK with manufacturing facilities in Denmark and distributes its patented hydrogel technology worldwide. 


On January 28th 2020 Contura received FDA approval for Bulkamid, its hydrogel for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence (SUI).


With FDA approval Contura was keen to establish a robust surgical training program to ensure patients received optimal outcomes with its novel hydrogel. Contura spoke with us about creating an online training platform for surgeons who wanted to learn more about the Bulkamid procedure.

Method / Strategy


We wanted to ensure that the online platform would both be effective for users and practical for Contura, now and in the future. 


To do this we presented a list of everything the platform should do before starting the build.  It was agreed that the platform should be easily accessible to users, with initial access controlled by Contura. User progress would be visible throughout, with regular questionnaires to validate learning and instil confidence, and where necessary provide additional support. Content would be displayed through video, to provide an engaging way of teaching.

The system would allow new courses to be added for Contura’s other products, or translations of existing courses, so that the platform would grow with Contura over the coming years.


The platform has provided an on-demand educational resource for US doctors wanting to learn more about Contura and the Bulkamid technique for treatment of female SUI. US doctors now receive consistent training on Bulkamid and its technique, providing them with the skills to confidently perform the procedure and achieve the best possible results for their patients. 


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