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Case Study


Contura is a medical device company based in the UK, with manufacturing facilities in Denmark and distributes its patented hydrogel technology worldwide. 


We have enjoyed working with Contura since 2016 and during this time completed a wide variety of projects from sales aids and product websites to patient awareness campaigns, and in 2017 a full rebrand of the company.

In 2018, Contura spoke with us about increasing awareness of its Bulkamid hydrogel among women suffering with Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) to ensure every woman could make an informed choice about the correct treatment option for them. 

Method / Strategy

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We wanted to create a hub where women could go to read about SUI in private, finding out what it is and why it occurs and most importantly, available treatment options. The hub needed to provide accurate and up to date clinical information on each treatment option allowing women to understand not only the benefits but also the potential negatives of any one treatment (in line with the Montgomery ruling in 2015). 

The campaign was named Control Your Choice, giving power back to women to research the best treatment for them before before speaking with their doctor.

Once the website was in place we needed to ensure women could find the ControlYourChoice site


There were some really fun ideas of how to do this but finally it was agreed to focus on a physician campaign launch event, 6 month patient social media campaign and traditional media exposure*, all promoting the Control Your Choice website.


*We worked in collaboration with Trinity Healthcare PR to engage media and thereby extending the reach of the campaign.


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