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Cipher Surgical is a fast growing MedTech start up that approached us in May 2019 to help reposition and relaunch its OpClear platform.


Cipher was looking for a partner that had medical device experience and could quickly understand its technology. When we heard this, we knew we were the right team.

Method / Strategy

Our first job was to understand the OpClear platform.  This was done through a series of interviews with the Cipher team and by reviewing all relevant clinical papers, to help understand how healthcare professionals view laparoscopic lens fogging and how it impacts surgical procedures (and overall efficiency of the operating room).


Once this was done the campaign message fell into place which led neatly onto the imagery.

After this we were very clear on the strengths of the OpClear platform compared to its competitors allowing us to move onto the sales aid. The key here was to keep the story as simple as possible, but scientifically robust, so that it could be delivered and understood by a wide audience. 

Finally, we extended the core messages to other materials including Cipher’s new website and social media.  This was done to maintain consistency of message and brand regardless of which material was viewed.  


Podymos took us back to the fundamentals in helping us understand our own mission, before developing finely tuned positioning for all our customer groups.  Once we had this understood Podymos quickly brought our branding to life, producing marketing materials that created the impact OpClear deserves.  It has been a game changer for Cipher in reminding us why we believe in our product so passionately and great fun working with Claudia and the Podymos team who bring their creativity and professionalism along with them every step of the way.


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