Saluda Medical is a global medical device company, based in Sydney, Australia.

Evoke®, Saluda’s initial neuromodulation system for the treatment of chronic back pain is the first and only spinal cord stimulator that measures and responds to the spinal cord’s activation in real time, through the use of Evoked Compound Action Potentials.

Closed-Loop stimulation is a new concept in the treatment of chronic back pain with traditional systems offering fixed-output stimulation (consistent and repetitive electrical pulses) and no ability to measure or adjust in response to the body’s changing sensitivities.  

Saluda’s challenge was to effectively explain its technology to the pain community and to justify why it is likely to be the future, in a 3 minute animation.

Method / Strategy

In order to effectively explain Saluda’s technology in a simple animation it was important for us to start at the beginning.  We needed to understand the prevailing view of the mechanism of action of spinal cord stimulation (pain gate theory) for our story to have an anchor.


We achieved this by reviewing published clinical data and working closely with Saluda and physicians to ensure scientific accuracy.

What soon became apparent was the significant and ongoing variations in the distance between electrodes and the spinal cord due to the fluid nature of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)


Once we knew this it became clear that an SCS system had to be able to adjust to these factors to avoid over or under stimulation of the spinal cord (electrical shocks or reduction in pain relief respectively).  This was where our storyboard started.




The final animation was 3 minutes and validated by key opinion leaders to ensure scientific accuracy before being launched at the North American Neuromodulation Society in Las Vegas.

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