Tips and tricks for a successful webinar

Updated: Jun 22

Like so much associated with our new normal, the adoption of webinars has been accelerated. However, widespread use doesn’t mean good practice is everywhere. So here are our top five tips.

By the time COVID fades to a memory, many of the changes it brought will be firmly embedded into our personal and business lives.

More people will be working from home. More meetings will be held virtually. And more businesses are likely to go on producing webinars. It’s a COVID legacy with an obvious value beyond legally overcoming the COVID obstacles.

When run well, webinars offer an alternative to face-to-face seminars and conferences. And, as well as being 100% COVID compliant, they also have other upsides. These include:

  • A wide reach – attracting physicians from around the world

  • Unlimited ‘room capacity’

  • No venue hiring charges

  • Zero travel costs for everyone and low carbon footprints

  • Available free and on-demand when convenient for the viewer

  • Content that can be edited into bitesize learning for social media

Taking all of these benefits into account, we expect webinars to grow in popularity. Here are our top five tips for bringing your next webinar close to perfection.

1. An attractive topic and sparkling content

Physicians are very busy. So without an interesting topic, most won’t give up their time.

It’s vitally important that the subject matter provides value to potential delegates.

You may want to talk about something, but that doesn’t make it relevant or a timely subject matter for others. So, what are the hottest topics?

2. Preparation

Having the right resources. Multi-media formats such as pre-recorded videos, animations, and PPT slides will help mix up the webinar, maintain concentration and increase engagement. 

Practise, practise, practise. Rehearsing slides, preparing answers to frequently asked questions, and preparing your introduction will ensure your presentation or conversation comes across clearly and concisely.  

Speaker training. This can help you deliver your content in the perfect way, so your messages are well-received every time.

Testing. And don’t forget to check and test your internet speed and the quality of your audio and video. Know how all your technology and software works.

3. Promotion

With the opportunity to reach a wide audience, an effective multi-channel marketing strategy will help to reach as much of your target audience as possible. 

This could include email marketing, social media (paid and organic), and society and journal websites.

4. Interaction

It's easy to lose concentration during a webinar so it’s important that you make it as interactive and participative as possible. 

Ask questions, use polls, quizzes and Q&As. For smaller groups, using additional software such as MURAL, Miro and Mentimeter.

These allow for user interaction and collaboration which help to build engagement.

5. Make your webinar available on-demand

Not everyone can be available at your selected time.

On-demand webinars (hosted through your webinar software, your website or social channels such as Youtube or Vimeo) are not time or time-zone dependent and allow the user to watch your webinar whenever they wish. 

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