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Our Services

Medical device promotion 

As specialist medical device marketing consultants,

we can quickly understand your technology,

immediately adding value to your marketing projects.

Our medical device promotion services are designed to help you engage
with healthcare professionals and patients at all stages of their journey,
from technology awareness to adoption.

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medical device promotion

Product brochures are just the beginning.
We can help you with all of your traditional marketing needs, from sales aids to event planning.

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medical device promotion

We offer digital medical device marketing consulting, with our services covering all major online activities including social media marketing, SEO strategy and website design.

A small company 

with a
big reach

We’re a small medical device marketing consultancy, with big capabilities. Over
the years we have cultivated an impressive network of proven suppliers and partners.
We use our experience and knowledge to
fully manage projects, bringing in specialist support when we believe it will improve the final results.

How is medical device marketing

consulting different?

What makes our agency stand out is our specialist knowledge and dedication to delivering the best campaigns for our clients. Each week, every member of our team dedicates some
of their time to learning about a subject that will benefit our clients. It may be learning more about technologies and specialist areas, or it might be researching the latest marketing trends that we can use to optimise our medical device promotion campaigns.

Staying ahead is important to our clients, so it is important to us too.

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Keeping up with regulations

There’s no need to worry about getting us up to speed with medical device regulations. Our team have worked in this industry for years, so we know that medical device marketing has to be a little different to other products.
In fact, we frequently create regulation guides to help share our knowledge with others.

Check out our EU MDR guide

To find out how we can expand your marketing capabilities, book a free consultation