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Specialist medical device marketing agency

A specialist
medical device
marketing agency 


Imagine working with a healthcare marketing agency that understands the difference between a retrospective study and systematic review? 

At Podymos we specialise in medical device because it's what we know. We quickly understand your technology to immediately add value to your team and expand your marketing capabilities.


Check out our Knowledge Hub for articles on everything from medical device websites to MDR guidelines.  

As medical device marketing consultants, we dedicate time every week to expanding our knowledge, so that we can stay sharp and keep producing our best work. We want to share what we’ve learned about medical device marketing with you.  


How can we help?

Are you looking for a specialist healthcare marketing agency that understands your industry and can quickly support you and your team to deliver effective multi-channel campaigns across digital and traditional platforms? 

If so, we could be the agency for you.

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Clients we work with

Saluda Medical
Accutus Medical
Cipher Surgical
Creo Medical
Fukunda Denshi UK
Cook medical
DYSIS Medical

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