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Case Study


DYSIS Medical is a multinational medical device manufacturer, based in Edinburgh, UK and Atlanta, Georgia, United States.  Its patented cervical mapping technology (the DYSISmap) increases detection of early stage cervical disease (Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia - CIN) allowing its timely detection, monitoring or treatment, and thereby helping to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.

In 2019 NHS England updated its clinical pathway for cervical screening, changing the primary test from cytology to testing for high-risk HPV. This was due to the increased sensitivity to detect cervical abnormalities with HPV primary screening (90% HPV vs. 67.5% cytology).


We were asked to help prepare the market for this change by clearly explaining the impact this update would have on patient referrals to colposcopy clinics, and how the DYSIS ULTRA technology could help clinics to confidently manage new patient cohorts and a larger overall patient population.  This would be done through the creation of a sales aid presentation and brochure.

Method / Strategy


In order to clearly explain the impact of the new screening program on colposcopy clinics, and how DYSIS ULTRA could support them through this change, we needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the colposcopy market. 


We did this the only way we knew how - by reviewing published clinical data, visiting colposcopy clinics and speaking with practicing colposcopists to validate what we had found.

Following several review periods with the DYSIS team, we had a compelling story not only of the impact the new screening pathway would have on patient numbers in the coming years, but also why DYSIS ULTRA is so well positioned to manage this population.


Once the sales aid was complete and reviewed by a senior colposcopist we applied the most relevant parts of it to a brochure to be left with clinics

as a convenient reminder.


Parts of project

Sales aid development
Sales brochure development


Podymos excelled at drilling down into our evidence base and applied findings in new and novel ways, to help reassure clinicians that DYSIS is the right choice for better outcomes in Colposcopy.  Podymos’ visual storytelling is exceptional, creative and effective – we were blown away! Our expectations were not only met but exceeded on every level. Importantly, the return on our investment has been realised – our sales aid is in daily use; its compelling story and visual impact result in prospective customers saying ‘Yes’ to our technology. We can’t wait to work with Podymos again on future projects and highly recommend them - great people, great communication, delivered exactly to the brief, on time and on budget – we can’t ask for more! 

Amanda Durman

UK Sales & Marketing Director


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